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    The doubtfulness of Dev-Radhika's wedding is still on in Zee TV's most popular show Chhoti Bahu.

    According to promos Radhika (Rubina Dilaik) finds out that Dev is her factual Kanha and not Rohan.

    Shortly in the upcoming episodes, Radhika will meet Dev (Avinash Sachdev) and will ask him about keeping her distant from the truth that it's not Rohan (Saurav Chakrabarti) who is her Kanha but Dev.

    However, Dev being a younger buddy said that he loves his brother and despite loving Radhika he doesn't want to enter in the lane of his brother's cheerfulness. So he tells the reality of why he cannot tie the knot with her.

    A source said, "Radhika will agree to marry Rohan eventually. But Dev,on the other hand, will promise to be there with her beside her in all the rituals. Kanha's miracle happens during this period of time and co incidentally Dev goes through all the rituals instead of Rohan."

    On this, Rubina stated, "We are far away from the actual track of marriage as we are right now shooting the sangeet ceremony of Radhika and Rohan's marriage. Dev has nothing to do with it. Marriage track has a few more days to come on the floor."
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    Waiting to see how the story progresses..........
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    i love radhika and dev......they make a nice of luck to them
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    you r the most divine couple
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    missing old cast members.........
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    All we can say is Kanha is there always with Radhika never leaving her alone.
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    waiting for good and interesting episodes of my favorite show

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