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    2012 was not so good for India real estate due to high construction cost and falling sales which affected the market sentiment negetively. However, this year was good for home buyers who were waiting to buy or invest in real estate sector.
    In 2013, the real estate regulations and policies, which are pending from last couple of years, are expected to be passed by the parliament in the coming quarter. Moreover, the approval of Foreign Direct Investment bill in India in multi-brand retail will lure foreign investors which will benefit the retail industry as well as increase the demand for commercial real estate. Next year, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is also planning to lower the interest rates which will further help the customers as well as real estate developers.
    The changes happening will definitely have an impact in all the sectors of real estate in india whether it is commercial, residential or retail. It is expected that 2013 will be a much better year than previous years.
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    how can you be so sure that there will be a boom in 2013?

    most of the real estate companies are suffering from high inventory. they aren't offering quality, the prices are high.

    people aren't dying to buy new houses or plots. anyway, they are out of reach of most people.

    Price in Delhi NCR, Mumbai are more than any big cities in the world. Maybe only in Hong Kong, Tokyo and Singapore, the things would be more expensive than in Mumbai.

    People in Chandigarh are also paying stupid prices for homes.
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    the boom ended few years back. now only few select locations see good appreciation.

    people are still holding on to their investments. they would exit at the right time, when the returns are quite good.
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    i have heard that there will be slow down in 2013 and 2014.

    2014 will be election year. So, i do not think that there will be quick movement during that period anyway.

    Things have become very expensive and they are out of reach of end user. There aren't that many people, who actually need a house.

    People aren't able to manage their day to day expenses. So, buying home isn't on priority list anymore. For sure, people would like to invest money on buying a house. But, the prices are rising faster than their affordability.
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    Real estate business venture is one well growing in this real world, all country are using its real estate properties and with out using of real estate you can not do anything else in any kind of business, so if we have money to invest it in market than real estate business sector is very best for investment.

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