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    Default Quarterly Results of Mahindra Satyam ?

    Hi Everyone.

    I wanted to ask when will Mahindra Satyam announce the quarterly results for third quarter ?

    I expect the company to declare good results as US dollar remained strong during the period.

    Please update.

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    Results will be announced tomorrow. 31 January 2013.

    The company is expected to deliver good results as US dollar was strong and their margins were good as well.

    The stock has touched 52-week high of Rs 125 today and i am expecting that Mahindra Satyam will gain further in the coming days.

    My target for the stock would be Rs 150 and little later Rs 180 plus.
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    Satyam has declared results yesterday.

    The revenue was flat compared to Quarter on Quarter basis. However, the revenue was up 13 per cent year on year for the quarter.
    EBITDA margin rose to 21.6 percent from 16.2 percent.

    Company has settled the legal troubles after fraud in the company by earlier chairman Raju and paid USD 68 million to Aberdeen Global and other funds.

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