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    Lightbulb Expected Gold Prices in 2012

    Comment about the expected Gold price, as per your view on this thread.

    This will be of interest for many, as lots of people in India own gold in physical form and many people trade in Gold as well. Some people have also invested in Gold Mutual funds and the trend is rising as per recent reports from commodity exchanges.

    ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank and other private sector banks are promoting gold coins heavily as they get good commissions on selling them. Every time i go to private banks, some of their employee will ask me to buy some gold coins. I have to decline them always.

    The Gold prices have been rising for past few years. What price do you expect the gold to touch in year 2012 ?

    Are you looking at Gold touching Rs 30000 level in 2012 ?

    Or will it come down to 20000 or even less.

    Lets speculate!!
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    i think they will go up to Rs 27000 per 10 grams and after that, there can be a decline up to Rs 22-23 k per 10 grams.
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    as per my estimations, the yellow metal will cross 28,500 per 10 gms by 2012 end
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    i don't think there is much of steam left in Gold to rise further.

    Gold Prices may settle in the range of Rs 22000 - 27000 for the year 2011 - 2012

    In 2012, the Gold Prices may remain stable. It will mainly depend on Macro economic environment.

    If the economies become stable, i guess Gold Prices will come down.
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    I feel that the price of Gold may touch Rs 30k in 2012. It may go up to 27 thousand in 2011.
    The wedding season is coming, you might see spike in demand in India. China also consumes lot of Gold.

    In other countries, people mainly invest in gold to make money while in India, people use gold for their personal requirements.
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    The price has already shot up quite a lot in the recent times. I guess Gold Prices in India touched their all time high last week.
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    The gold prices jumped very fast after the recent downgrade of United States by S&P.

    As the gold is already hovering around Rs 26500 per 10 gram, i guess the price will soon touch Rs 28000 in India.

    Gold consumption might increase due to festive and wedding season and this may push demand and prices even further.
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    Gold is good for investment coz reaches now at 28000. I have bought 4 years ago and now its cost rise high. As you know if you have knowledge of Commodity then you cab get better return.
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    I was having a target of Rs 27k, that has been crossed long time back.

    After the recent US downgrade, things have changed a lot for the world economy.

    Italy is also facing trouble.

    Today, gold has touched Rs 28350. I strongly feel that it will go above Rs 30 k now, but i don't think it is time to invest in Gold.

    There are much better options to invest your hard money. Gold isn't one of them.

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