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    Children these days believe in making quick money by doing jobs like working at a call centre. They want to make quick buck even at the cost of their health.
    There are mixed views on this. Some feel that this provides a sense of independence and instills confidence in youngsters and some feel that during this course they lose focus and drift towards such jobs permanently.
    Isnt it that the time has come when youngsters should be treated as individuals who are capable of taking decisions for their life if they have the sense of voting and electing a government.
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    I feel it is good to do a part time job during college but one shouln't get addicted to bad things during this phase...and also one must give priority to studies and career..
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    Well, the best thing that most employers or companies do is to ensure that they provide health benefits and proper care to their employees.At the same time, if you are in that kind of position working for a job that lets you earn quick money by working night shift you have to better good care of yourself by eating the right food and avoid smoking and drinking.
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    Doing small jobs while studying is not a bad thing. But what is important is that these jobs should be for a purpose and more likely it should be study related like small paid internships etc. The student should not run after money as it is least important during one's acedamic career. And if any such job ruins their health then it's really bad for their future.

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