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    Default quotas at colleges

    Quotas in colleges are proving to be a big blow to deserving students across the country.
    Due to a large number of seats reserved for backward sections of society in India, students who deserve to get admission at colleges fail to get a seat.
    This is causing a decline in the quality of professionals passing out from colleges. The government needs to create an equality when it comes to getting selected in a college by giving the same platform to every student to prove himself.
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    India is good for such things only.

    there were many quotas at our college. There were 2-3 guys who had come through sports quota and they were no good for studies. If they want to play sports, they need not become engineers or doctors. They should concentrate on sports only.

    i won't speak about backward classes, gujjars or any other OBC, SC/ST as that will become another issue of racism in our country.

    But simply, we need to favor the competitive people rather than thinking of upliftment of backward people. Simply, that doesn't work.
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    it is stupid to have quotas. however nothing will change in this country.

    we haven't been able to get a strong lokpal. so, you can simply forget about quota debate. the politicians are only interested in pleasing vote bank. and for sure, vote bank of backward classes is growing faster and other people from general category.
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    doesn't this lead to discrimination???
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    It is not good thing.
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    By doing so, the government has endeavoured to bring the backward sections of the society on the top and to enable them study and work like the other sections of society. We must remember that more than 50 percent of the population in india is living below poverty level and therefore an increase in quota is on equality basis.
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