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    uperstar Shah Rukh Khan has said women are the future and that "one needs to have women to have men", so they must be respected.

    "It is important to talk about women who are making progress, taking our country forward and it is time to celebrate a little bit of brightness and positivity. You need to have women to have men," the 47-year-old said here Thursday night at the launch of the Link Lady collection of watch brand Tag Heuer.

    The evening also celebrated the power of women by felicitating four Indian women achievers, who have excelled and contributed tremendously to their respective fields.
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    we surely need to respect women.

    Indian men respect only their mothers and sisters or aunties. They do not respect in most of the cases, their wives.

    And, they disrespect wifes or sisters of others.

    So, we need to understand this flaw in our thinking. People have to be open about such things. And, people need to respect every human being, man or woman.

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