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    Default Konkan Railway track opens again

    According to the fresh reports released by the railway officials, railway services on the Konkan Railway track reopened on Sunday after reestablishment work on the landslide-hi area in Maharashtra was finished.

    It is reported that the rail traffic on the Konkan Railway route was affected on June 17 after a retaining wall established to save landslides falls at Nivsar, near Ratnagiri-Maharashtra. Then, number of trains along the route have been cancelled or diverted, with passengers started ferried between Ratnagiri and Adavali stations with some other means of transportation.

    While talking to media, Senior Public Relations manager of Konkan Railway, Baban Ghatge said, “Train services along the route have started since Sunday morning. Some of the trains were rescheduled today, but the timings will be regularised within the next couple of days.”

    According to him, the landslide was removed from the location by t Sunday and normal services have been started again.
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    This is not the first time, every year rain disturbs the life circle of Mumbai.

    People have to face problems during monsoon, this year wall collapse on Konkan raiway route. it forced to cancellation of come rails.
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    Relied for the people who uses to travel every day by this route....

    this is the only route that joins Mumbai with GOa. The railway officials has opened the route again......
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    Govt may take the decision for this...

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