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    Media reports have come that Hrithik Roshan and Sussanne Roshan are separating. Both could eventually end up in divorce. Sussanne Roshan was having trouble with her husband after there were rumors of actress Barabara Mori having affair with Hrithik Roshan.

    I personally loved both of them as a couple. They both looked so good together.

    I am not sure, what is the real reason behind the split. There were also rumors that Kareena Kapoor could be the reason, and also Hrithik is working after a long time with Kareena Kapoor in new movie of Karan Johar. But, Karan had already persuaded Sussanne about the movie both would be doing together.

    Maybe Sussanne is simply bored and wants to stay away from Hrithik. Or, possibly with time, we will get the real reason behind the split of Hrithik and Sussanne.
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    they both were very good looking and almost perfect match.
    i am wondering about the reasons behind the split. i guess either media people have increased the split between the couple by reporting time and again, Hrithik's alleged relationship with Barbara Mori, which was anyway not confirmed. Or, they have simply decided to live separate for some other reason, which we probably will find out soon as media dogs sniff everything.
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    Nobody is going nowhere , they both are not separating. It was very old talk but now your fav. couple is happy ...

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