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    Miley Cyrus is no longer the baby singer that all parents would want their valuable guiltless kids to have as a role model.

    The American singer and pop star, who has grown ahead of her age, has been declared as the 'Most Provocative Star' of this year.

    Cyrus purchased a beach home for herself and father, Billy Ray Cyrus in Florida, for a whopping amount of $1.8 million.

    This beach house has airy rooms where she will be living with the family members till she reaches the age of 20 years.

    Aside from the Miley Cyrus House, the sources disclosed that Miley sends out naked pictures of herself to her pals and often sex texts her ex boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth.

    On one blog, there is a possibility that the female in the naked pictures, is Miley Cyrus wearing an open plaid shirt, standing opposite the bathroom door frame with her phone in hand. The nude pictures revealed the chest and not her face!
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    plz send me the link where the pics got posted.......
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    i luv miley and want to see her nude pics.........

    plzzzz help me!!!!!!!!!!!
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    The picture of Miley 'revealing her lack of panties' was a fake. I work in the editing field and it wouldn't be that hard to fake this by just working the body part of it. Other reporters are figuring it IS a fake.
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    i've seen the pics, they are totally fake, the girl in the pic is not Miley.
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    I can't found pics link ???? Where is link ?

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