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    In a pre-Diwali bonanza, Punjab administration declared a substantial increase in pay scales of a bulk of its staff members, granted encashment of earned leave together with LTC and brought in mobile phone allowance for all section of employees.

    Special allowance for certain sections of employees of Punjab Civil Secretariat has also been increased.

    As per official spokesperson, the pay scales of clerks, Jr. Assistants, Steno-Typists and Jr. Scale Stenographers has been revised from October 1, 2011.

    Accepting the proposals of 5th Punjab Pay Commission, the administration permitted mobile allowance to every group of employees.

    The spokesperson stated that accepting another proposal of the Pay Commission, the administration has permitted staff to en-cash 10 days' earned leave at the time of availing Leave Travel Concession after a block of 4 years.

    The spokesman said encashment of earned leave would be admissible without any linkage to number and nature of leave availed for LTC.

    He said where both husband and wife were government servants; encashment of leave would be permissible to both of them subject to maximum of 60 days for each spouse during the complete service carrier.

    Under the raised special allowance of certain sections of employees of Punjab Civil Secretariat, the Superintendent would receive now Rs 1200 per month, Private Secretary Rs 1200, PA 600, Sr. Assistant Rs 480, Jr. Auditor/Auditor Rs 480, Sr Scale Stenographer Rs 480, Jr. Assistant Rs 300, Jr. Scale Stenographer Rs 300, Steno Typist Rs 240 and Clerk Rs 240.
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    Badal govt announces bonanza for govt employees as polls are around the corner
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    the SAD-BJP Government is trying to lift up its importance in front on Punjabis
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    the SAD-BJP Government is trying to lift up its importance in front on Punjabis
    u r right himanshu
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    Accepting the suggestions of fifth Punjab Pay Commission, the administration granted mobile allowance to each and every class of employees
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    Punjab govt utilised Rs 50 bn in half year
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    there're reports that the retirement age of Punjab Govt Employees will be raised to 60 years from 58 years.
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    Its great work done by Punjab Govt that its increase the pay scale of all the low and middle workers which is very happy moment of the workers..husband and wife package is also available..which is scale is the life of every workers..
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    Has Punjab Govt increased the Age of retirement from 58 to 60 ?

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