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    Team Anna member Arvind Kejriwal’s wife Sunita Kejriwal has been shifted from Serious Fraud Investigation Office to her parent cadre Central Board for Direct Taxes.

    She has to join her parent cadre by Tuesday.

    The transfer implicates likelihood of Kejriwal’s wife, an IRS officer, being shifted to anyplace in the country, and in that case, she may lose her administration accommodation in Koshambi near Ghaziabad.

    A senior CBDT representative said on condition of secrecy that usually an officer in IRS manage to reside in NCR for a longer period by working as OSD in Commissioner’s offices, but in Sunita’s case this seems to be tricky, owing to her hubby’s involvement with Team Anna.

    The CBDT representative however stated that the section was within its rights to shift its functionaries and there was nothing unbalanced regarding it.

    Sunita Kejriwal had applied for one year ‘child care leave’. In its place, she was suddenly ordered to go back to her parent cadre.

    The condition was different a few months back when the Department of Company Affairs had written to CBDT to allow Sunita stay in SFIO for around a year owing to paucity of IRS officers.

    In the meantime, the time limit for Arvind Kejriwal to shell out Rs 9.5 lakhs to the IT dept is expiring on Tuesday (Nov 1).
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    This government is most corrupt we all know it. But it is also most immature and cheap.
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    Honest people are chased by corrupt people is the law of land.
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    Arvind Kejriwal and Kiran Bedi refuse to take Bribes from Congress and so they are Targeting them.
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    Arvind Kejriwal and Kiran Bedi refuse to take Bribes from Congress and so they are Targeting them.
    Those who have taken Bribes are Free and turned indirectly the representatives for Congress.
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    These Traitors who were in Team Anna are now Targeting Team Anna. For Example AGNIVESH.
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    Congress won't leave the members of Team Anna that easily. They need to come clean of all the allegations.
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    it was not necessary for kejariwal to go against congress govt. this is tit for tat
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    Team anna is fighting to save indians from poverty and congress is fighting to save their power and black money.
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    yeah all of us have seeing the activities done by the Anna,and also saw how the government accused them by raising the several actions against to it.Though they had targeted on Anna,he does not care of it.So they are now focused on the team of Anna members for making them weak for society.But all of us know what the situation is.

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