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    This week's episodes of Star Plus' most popular show ‘Sasural Genda Phool’ looks very interestingmust-watch, as Suhana will lastly comprehend that she loves Ishaan.

    The big time has finally come when Suhana, the central character of Ravi Ojha Productions' Sasural Genda Phool will declare her love for Ishaan (Jay Soni).

    In Monday's episode, Suhana was asked to get out of the Kashyap house.

    But heart of hearts, she wanted somebody in the house to stop her from leaving the house.

    But, Badi Maa (Supriya Pilgaonkar) and Dadaji (Sudhir Pandey) told her that it’s high time that she moves forward in life and thinks about her future.

    They ask her to go back to Bajpai house.

    While all the seniors were convinced with Ishaan and Suhana parting, the youngsters are clueless and do not know how to react.

    A source said, "While tonight's episode will focus on Suhana's dilemma of whether or not to leave the house, tomorrow's episode will see the big moment when she will confess her love for Ishaan, before the whole family".

    When met, Producer and Writer Zama Habib said, "Yes, the next highpoint is Suhana's admission of love for Ishaan. We shot this one particular scene for two and half days. We completed the shoot of it only yesterday. The scene has been written and picturized in a very different way, and the entire cast appreciated the way the sequence was written. They thoroughly enjoyed shooting for the scene. With this, we enter the next big phase of Sasural Genda Phool".
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    thanz for the wonderful news. all the best sushaan
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    at last, suhana confesses her love for ishaan.......with this, the track will turn more interesting and this will increase the TRPs...hurray
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    Even tho im really happy ths is hapnin, i thnk they shud drag it out a little more until valentine's day, make it alot more special.
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    really guys m happy from deep of ma heart suhana and ishaan aree made for each othersi cn't express in words all flowers on the earth are gathered to fall on them,,,,,,,,,,

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