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    Two years after Danny Boyle's super hit film Slumdog Millionaire made history at the Oscars, the movie's yound artists from Mumbai slum areas - Azharuddin Mohammed Shaikh and Rubina Ali Qureshi - have now been taken a Hollywood film of Anthony Hopkins.

    The movie, Lord Owen's Lady, would also feature Bollywood and TV actress Rohini Hattangadi.

    Hopkins himself would be seen in the flick as the father of Lord Owen, an irresponsible heir who falls in love with a beautiful Indian female.

    Azharuddin and Rubina would don the character of Hopkin's grandkids in the film.

    The movie would be filmedt in Dubai, Wales and other places.

    Lord Owen's Lady definitely makes the young actors dream come true.

    Both Azhar and Rubina would be paid £1,000 each daily for 20-25 days of shooting.
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    Slumdog really good movie.... and i hope this movie also will be too good.
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    i am soooo happy for Azharuddin Mohammed Shaikh and Rubina Ali Qureshi that they got another film.

    all the best kids.
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    they are wonderful kids .

    all the best to them
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    they were too good in Slumdog Millionaire.

    and i'm sure they will rock again and help the film maker to bag an Oscar.
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    the kids will don the character of Hopkin's grandchildren in the film.
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    Itís an upcoming film between India and UK, Nirvasha Productions and Dragons Productions are going to finance this film.
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    sooooo happy for Azhar and Rubina

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