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    Default Nawab Khan To Play Afzal Khan In Veer Shivaji

    Colors Channel's renowned show Veer Shivaji is welcoming novel characters after the show has accepted a leap.

    Amongst the list of all the fresh entrants in the show, one of the biggest names of the TV industry, Nawab Shah's name is also ready to be appended to the list very shortly.

    As per the source, the name has been settled down to don the role of Afzal Khan in the show, who was also recently witnessed in the film Don 2.

    When tried to meet Nawab Shah for proof of the news, but he remained unavailable for the moment.

    Let's witness what type of magic Nawab Shah will create after entring as Afzal Khan in Veer Shivaji.
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    Nawab Khan is my favorite TV actor.

    excited to see him in the show.
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    All the best 2 Nwab Shah !
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    happy to see him back on TV after a big break
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    no other show can stand i front of Veer Shivaji

    the best show ever i have seen on TV............

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