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    Smile How can I get into senior housing?


    A few years ago I tried to apply to get into a senior citizen apartment complex, but was told that I had to be 60 to apply. So I waited, then when I became age eligible and went to re-apply, I was informed that there was an eight year waiting list! It is like a Catch -22. How does one get into senior housing under those circumstances??

    James Miller
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    In 2006 the rate of assisted living beds per 1 000 population aged 65 years or older was 31.5. Beds per 1 000 elderly persons aged 65 years and older can also be broken out by geographic area. Urban geographic areas had a rate of 39 beds per 1 000 elderly persons aged 65 years and older..
    Let me tell u one more thing that:
    "There are a number of nursing homes with empty beds, and a lot are on the brink of bankruptcy. When new ones open, old ones close,” said Greg Hartburg, regional administrator for home and community services of the state Department of Social and Health Services.."
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    Joining any community is a great entertainment with a lot of learning as we can see there are many fellows who always try to help us with their practical experiments. I have seen few senior members of this forum who suggest in a good manner also try to help everyone in every matter.

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