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    Default Mohan-Megha the De Re Na couple of NBTNMKK-do not break our hearts

    The new move of NBTNMKK is unacceptable to the fans of Mohan- Megha. People love to see them together but not ready to see any third person in between them. First of all Megha took a very wrong step to get married to Manav without considering her children’s emotion mainly Nanhi. Secondly the news which we have heard that Ridhima has come to create love triangle is also not acceptable. The Mohan –Megha love story was popular because of the purity in their love .Just to continue the show bringing Manav ,then Ridhima and creating confusion among the fans is not good. We love Mohan-Megha. We want to see them together. The writer should think about the new move carefully or else the show will lose a big group of audiences. The show was very famous not only among the youngsters but also matured people of middle age. The step of Megha to get married Manav is a symbol of immaturity and foolishness. As per the news available in internet Mohan is agreed to Marry Ridhima due to his Mother’s pressure. But how can he take this immature decision? He loved Rashmi, then to Megha and within a short period he is agreed to get married to a different girl. We can not accept this. My sincere request to Mohan- Megha, please take a matured decision. Do not break our heart. I believe Mohan- Megha will not break our heat.Regards. Monika Sarkar
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